The Gift of Having Jesus

It’s not too late to remind myself today that I am a very blessed young wife and mother! How could I just sit and go on in a day’s task and to-do’s without thinking and remembering how faithful God is in my life? I may not have any money in the bank as of the moment or have a secure financial status, but I am pretty sure that life is wonderful and amazing and joyful and exciting having Loy and Shasha!!!! WHOOOOOOHHHh!!! Thank you so much Dearest Lord God of the Universe. You really fill my heart with joy. You give me lots of reasons to smile and just let go of all stress in life for You are with me.
On the one hand, I must say that I’m not free of problems. I’m not excused to have all these challenges and trials that I’m going through in life. Nowadays, I’m struck with life-changing events! In just a matter of a year, I became a wife and a mother. Being a wife is a big challenge to me. I still have to learn more on this area and then God surprised me with a wonderful blessing of knowing that I got pregnant in as early as 3 months of being married! Although, I prayed to conceive, I did not specifically ask the year or when to receive such gift. It is indeed a gift so I so willingly received with a joyful heart.
Motherhood! I should say that I can relate already to the handful of reading materials I’ve read from my being a reader. The classic quotes from mothers which I always hear when their little ones are not that easy to handle.( dili lalim!!!) But, being a new mother, I have learned quite a few things which honestly were not that evident in my life before being a mom.
To be honest, I have been a person who is so matakaw sa tulog that’s why I really would sleep in as early as 8:00 o’clock in the evening and would wake up at 5:00 am. That’s really a good deal of rest. One thing I sacrifice now as a new mama is my luxury- sleep! I don’t really want to be disturbed. Call it selfishness but that’s how I really go about with my life before. Everything changed now that Shasha is around. But, these are just few of the things which I am now able to experience. As long as it’s for my little darling, I will willingly do even at times I admit that my flesh will protest.
o How did I do it? Uhm well, that truly is because of Your grace Lord Jesus. Thanks kaayo LORD ha. Mag-unsa na lang ko kung wala ka.
I’m more inspired to do my job well now. I don’t know why. It just changed that abruptly when Shasha came. I think I’m more inspired! Yes I am. And I’m more eager to learn more how I can best take care of Elisha.
There’s one wonderful thing that I will thank you LORD as I become a mom. It’s the amazing life of Loy. I love Him so much. Thank you for taking care of Him always. Protecting him, guiding him, increasing his wisdom, patience and perseverance. Please do mighty things in his life. I ask for Godly promotion. I ask you to please give him words of wisdom and let him speak truth and integrity in his life. Let his life speak about your love and life. Let him shine in the darkest places. I also pray Lord that he will gain respect from people around him. And as they see him, they’ll see you and glorify you for your goodness and mercy. Becoming a mother for the first time really is somewhere between difficult and challenging. But, it is of course coupled with surprises, many to mention. One surprise is to have a very gentle man who will willingly carry out the doing of some things that I myself should do. He doesn’t just provide, but he willingly takes turn in many things just for me to rest for some time especially when baby is extra fussy. Lord, thank you.
Dearest Beloved, I lift up to you the life of my young Elisha. You know perfectly what she’s doing right now. Please heal hear from her cold and from her fever. Please do carry her in your loving arms Lord. If I could love my child so much I believe that you could love her more and more Lord. And if I have compassion for her I know you are most compassionate to your children. I also pray that you’ll protect her from the snare of the enemy. Please be her shield, her rampart. Oh Jesus, you are my only hope in this life, in this dark and evil world.
Please do protect Loy and mine’s marriage. Please be at the center of it and please reveal to us the right ways in order to fulfill our vows to each other and most especially to You whom we vowed to serve for the rest of our lives. We are not that equipped LORD. And yet we know that ‘those who are poor in spirit are blessed’. So, I acknowledge that I am poor, I am so much empty in knowledge and know-how’s in this area LORD but I do believe that we have You, so we’ll be able to take the right track and come to the best decisions in life as husband and wife and as parents.


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